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Comprehensive New Era Product Launch Event
On September 24, 2023, the 'Comprehensive New Era' Autumn Product Launch Event by Qmai was grandly held in Xi'an, China. Qmai Technology's founder, Wang Youyun, CTO Liu Quan, along with comprehensive ecosystem partners such as Alipay, TikTok, Huawei, and business associates, gathered to witness the unveiling of Qmai's new products.
Coffee Digitalization Trends Development Seminar
Qmai hosted a specialized salon on the development of coffee digitalization trends in Shanghai, where business associates delved into discussions on strategies for the growth of coffee companies on the spot.
Empower digitalization for environmental conservation
Qmai, in collaboration with coffee businesses, pioneered the 'Bring Your Own Cup' feature for online ordering, contributing to Earth's sustainability through product innovation
Attended the Huawei HDC 2023 and HarmonyOS 4 launch event
In August, the Huawei HDC 2023 and HarmonyOS 4 launch conference was held in Dongguan. Qmai founder Lucky Wang attended the event and delivered a keynote speech, gathering with friends from all over the world
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About us
Our Solution
Efficiently Managing Your Store
We are committed to striving for improved store digitalization, enhancing operation efficiency, and enabling businesses to better connect with customers
Online Store (APP、Mini Program、Website)
We help businesses establish their own online stores, transitioning their operations from offline to the online realm
Say goodbye to the old practice of switching between multiple software frequently for store operations; one POS system does it all
Self-service ordering
Customers can place orders more conveniently through in-store scanning or a smart screen for better ordering experience
Digital store APP
Seamless integration of online and offline; High efficiency; Focusing on the experience; Instantly monitoring store operations
Our business
Expand your business comprehensively
By operating in diverse scenarios, we help stores enhance operational efficiency in areas such as food delivery, distribution, and retail through
Self-managed food delivery
Through online store, businesses can also set up your own food delivery system, enabling self-managed food delivery.
Retail marketplace
Through online store, we help businesses not only enable online ordering but also open your own retail marketplace
Online ordering
Through online store, users can place orders online whether they are at home or in the store
Local delivery
Multiple delivery partners integrated; easy expansion of your delivery capabilities; supporting both self and third-party delivery services
Our business
Attract and retain your customers
Conduct precise marketing throughout the entire lifecycle of merchant's members, Foster strong relationships between members and businesses
Membership management
From becoming a member to membership operations, Qmai's membership system offers comprehensive support
Membership marketing
Marketing tools that cover the lifecycle of members, helping stores retain customers more effectively
Member loyal cultivation
Creating core, sticky users through marketing activities, leading to a stable and long-lasting user base
Customer engagement
User message engagement feature, reaching users in various scenarios and channels, re-engaging users, and increasing repurchases
Our team
We are a united, loving,
warm organization
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Advanced office environment
Unity and collaboration advancing hand in hand
Dedicated to public welfare with a heart full of love
Fearless in exploration unafraid of challenges
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