Go all out to make business easier
To become the most trusted leader in the digitalization of business operations for merchants.
Qmai's vision
Introduction to Qmai
Store digital operation platform
Qmai is a digital store SaaS service provider dedicated to connecting stores and customers through digital technology and internet platforms. We aim to offer stores more convenient, efficient, and intelligent store operation upgrades.
Served user
By providing businesses with digital tools to attract consumers, Qmai has already served over 700 million users.
Served store
Qmai already covered mainland China and has initiated global expansion, serving over 500,000 digital service stores
Qmai processes an annual Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of 100 billion Chinese Yuan in goods transactions.
Our core values
"Planet" culture
Benefit others without expecting anything in return
Address the essence of the problem, simplify complexity
Courage to take responsibility, with accomplishments
Skilled in listening, seeking common ground while respecting differences
Bold in breaking through, continuous exploration
Practical and hardworking, deserving everyone's trust
How to contact
Get in touch with us
You can contact us in the following ways and we will get back to you as soon as possible within 1-3 working days
Contact number
Free +86 4008-118-115
Email contact
Office address
10-11 Floor, Building C1, Innovation Industrial Park, 800 Wangjiang West Road, Gaoxin District, Hefei City
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